In-Building Wireless


In-Building Wireless (IBW)

Phones are not just phones anymore. With 75% of mobile calls originating indoors (Verizon 2009), smart phones and cellular growth services will increase the demand for in-building wireless. Many companies are finding it a challenge to keep up with such demands and are being tasked to provide an enhanced mobile performance outlook.

In-Building Wireless or Distributed Antenna Systems are a network of spatially separated antennas connected to a transport medium; either coax or fiber optics, that provide wireless service within a building. Whether it is corporate offices, universities, hospitals, hotels, sporting arenas, government or casinos, in-building coverage takes on a greater importance. Not only is coverage a convenience, it becomes a matter of safety. Since 9/11 new ordinances and building codes mandate coverage. Portable radios should support first responders within buildings for Public Safety.

In partnership with CommScope and their Wired for WirelessTM solution, ComDesign's certified technicians can help meet your evolving indoor wireless needs for years to come. Let us eliminate those dead zones and spotty coverage areas by providing a blanket of wireless coverage throughout your entire building.

In-Building Wireless Projects